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Demand for donor sperm in the UK is greater than supply.



Help realise a dream

If you are aged between 18 and 41 you can help a childless couple and provide the gift of life.

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Sperm donors come from all walks of life

Men that join the donation programme are just like you, and come from all walks of life.

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Central London location

The London Sperm Bank is based in Harley Street, at the heart of the London medical district.

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What does the Sperm analysis results actually mean? Becoming a Sperm Donor

One abnormal sperm analysis result is not necessarily a sign of infertility. Below is a breakdown of the scientific jargon and the health factors typically evaluated in a sperm analysis. 


Let altruism be your gift to others in 2015

As long as acts of kindness don’t become obligatory or overwhelming, they can enrich the giver and the whole community. Altruism—including kindness, generosity, and compassion—are keys to the social connections that are so important to our happiness. Research finds that acts of kindness—especially s 

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