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How much do UK sperm banks compensate their donors?

Everyone's always curious how much a sperm donor receives in compensation but their's a lot more to consider than the money, this is about giving the gift of life.  


How to maximise your Sperm Quality

Over the course of your life, you will produce around 525 billion sperm cells, 10% of these having obvious defects. If you want to be producing high-quality semen samples you might need to make some lifestyle changes. 


International Men’s Day

On Saturday 19th of November it’s International Men’s Day, a global event dedicated to raising awareness about the 


End of the road for the National Sperm Bank

The National Sperm Bank, set up just two years ago with government funding, has failed to recruit sufficient donors to continue. In announcing its closure, the Department of Health said that loss of  


Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Sperm Donor

We now accept that families come in all shapes and sizes; gone are the days when an unmarried woman had to give up on her dreams 


What Does It Mean To Be A Sperm Donor?

What does it mean to become a sperm donor? 


What The Shape Of Your Sperm Says About You

Sperm Morphology! That’s an exciting word right? It’s the kind of word that conjures all sorts of wacky interpretations of transforming, self-combining, mighty-morphin’ super sperms! 


DEBUNKING THE MYTH: Can Gay Men Donate Sperm?

With more couples and single women turning to alternative fertility treatments than ever before, donor sperm is in high demand – and there’s never  

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