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Five steps to donate.

Step 1. Your first appointment

Apply online

If you feel you can help and are a healthy male aged between 18 and 41, just complete the online application form and we'll be in touch with details of your first appointment.

Your first appointment

At your first appointment you'll be asked to complete a questionnaire about your personal and family medical history. You will be asked to bring a passport or driving license as well as your NHS number as identification.

We will also ask you to produce a semen sample. In order to analyse your sperm at its most optimum level it is important that you abstain from sexual intercourse and masturbation for three days before your appointment, as you are then likely to produce the best possible sample.

Sperm analysis

Throughout, our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, in an atmosphere which is welcoming and warm.

We’ll analyse the semen sample immediately and let you know within 48 hours whether your semen parameters are acceptable for the donation programme. We will be checking the sample for sperm count, sperm motility and shape as well as carrying out a test freeze to check if your sperm is suitable for freezing. We follow the World Health Organization guidelines to determine if a sample is suitable prior to freezing

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