How to Find a Sperm Donor: 4 things to consider

Posted: 11 Nov 2021
Author: London Sperm Bank

London Sperm Bank donors undergo rigorous screening checks that guarantee healthy sperm of the highest quality, so we only offer the best to our patients. But with such a variety of sperm available, how do you find a sperm donor that’s right for you?


     1. Consider Characteristics

The first step to find a sperm donor can often seem the most daunting, as not many people know where to start. Because of this, we recommend patients consider what characteristics they find desirable in a donor and what they do not want their donor to have. For most patients, the physical characteristics of a donor are often the most important as many people want their donor-conceived child to resemble them. Whilst there are no guarantees that choosing a sperm donor that resembles yourself will result in your child also having the same features, there is however, a greater chance.

Fortunately, the London Sperm Bank donor database allows you to find a sperm donor by filtering your search based on characteristics. You can refine your search by hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, and more, to ensure that your donor suits your needs.


     2. Staff Impressions

London Sperm Bank donor profiles are extremely comprehensive and include all non-identifiable physical characteristics, medical history, as well as staff impressions. These small biographies are written by our Sperm Bank staff and describe in detail the personality of the donor and are included as a way to compensate for the UK law that dictates that pictures of the sperm donor must not be shared. At London Sperm Bank, we want to make your journey to find a sperm donor as easy as possible and therefore our staff impressions are always as personal and detailed as can be.

As well as this, many patients are motivated to find a sperm donor with whom their child can be proud of or take interest in. Considering UK law regarding sperm donor anonymity means that a donor-conceived child can request information about their donor once they reach the age of 18, some parents will consider using donor sperm from someone with an interesting background, a fun fact, or any other unique details that can help make their donor special to their child.

To find out more about our staff impressions, visit our page here.


     3. Motility and Health

As well as considering what your sperm donor looks like and their personality type, there are also some technical aspects that must be considered when it comes to using donor sperm. Primarily, the type of donor you choose will also be motivated by the type of treatment you are receiving. For patients who are undergoing IUI or IVF treatment, it is recommend that you find a sperm donor with a higher MOT count as the success of the treatment is partially dependent on the sperm’s ability to swim to the egg. For patients undergoing ICSI, on the other hand, MOT count may not be as important as the treatment is not dependent on the sperm’s ability to swim.

London Sperm Bank donors always have listed on their profiles the stock availability for different MOT counts. It’s important to find a sperm donor that suits your treatment requirements and will be accepted by your fertility clinic.


     4. Speak With a Member of our Team

Finally, one of the best pieces of advice we can give to someone who is trying to find a sperm donor is to speak to a member of our London Sperm Bank Customer Service Team. For patients who may find it challenging to find a sperm donor they like or do not know where to start, our friendly and experienced team are on hand to help. Our London Sperm Bank team works hard to ensure that you find a sperm donor that is perfect for you. We understand how important the decision to choose a donor is and we want to reassure anyone looking to find a sperm donor that you will be advised and supported through every step of the way.


To begin your search to look for a sperm donor, visit our London Sperm Bank donor database and browse our range of donors here. Or, if you believe that you may need some help, speak with a member of our Customer Service team who will be able to advise you about your journey to find a sperm donor.