Posted: 21 Dec 2016
Author: London Sperm Bank

Throughout your life, you will produce around 525 billion sperm cells, 10% of these having obvious defects. If you want to produce high-quality semen samples, you might need to make some lifestyle changes. For example, did you know that hot baths and extended periods of sitting and cycling can have negative effects on your sperm, while dark chocolate, oysters and masturbation can have benefits?

Now we aren’t suggesting you raid the chocolate cupboard, stock up on oysters, and retire solo to the bedroom, but there are some small things you could do to help improve the quality of your sperm.

The first thing is temperature; your testicles are outside of the body for a good reason. The core body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, while optimal sperm production takes place at around 34.5 degrees. If you want super-charged sperm, you might want to avoid saunas, hot baths, and tight underwear. 

Lifestyle also has an effect on your ejaculate. The general rule is: What is good for your heart is also good for your sperm. Eggs, bananas, spinach, walnuts, garlic, dark chocolate and oysters all have benefits, while processed meat and a lot of dairy, caffeine and alcohol can reduce the quality of your semen. 

Stress is one thing that can immediately impact the quality of your sperm. If you're having a particularly stressful time at work, exams, or in your life, it would not be surprising to see a decrease in the concentration and motility. Taking some time to look after your mental health, as well as your physical, is essential.

It is important to note, changes to your lifestyle that you make now will affect your sperm in three months' time, as men's sperm cycles generally regenerate every three months, so don't expect immediate changes, but it is definitely worth taking the time to look after not just your sperm, but your health, too.