Why Donate?

There are many reasons to donate sperm

What motivates men to become sperm donors? There are many reasons, but they all have one thing in common: they want to help people have a family of their own.

Some have a sense of social responsibility. Some want to pass on their genes. And others know someone with fertility problems so understand what a difference they can make.

For just a small commitment in your everyday life you could help many people realise their dreams.

Donor Sperm is in demand

Until now, demand for donor sperm has been greater than the supply. Although more men are becoming donors, we still need more people to sign up.

If you wish to join them, give us a call on 0207 563 4305, or fill out our online form below.




Sperm Donor Anonymity image

Sperm Donor Anonymity

Sperm Donation and the Law

Under British law, those conceived using donor sperm can access information about their sperm donor for medical, social and emotional reasons, if they request it.

Donors must give the following information to the clinic: 

  • non-identifying information (such as physical characteristics and medical background).
  • identifying information (including full name and date of birth).

This information is also lodged in a confidential registry at the HFEA.

People receiving donor sperm are allowed access to non-identifying information only. Anyone conceived with donor sperm has the right to request non-identifying information from the age of 16 and identifying information from the age of 18.

The HFEA will notify the donor before any of this information is released.

We know little about how many people conceived with donor sperm wish to establish contact with the donor. Recent research suggests that their main reason for contact is to locate half-siblings. And many donors welcome the chance to meet the children they have helped create.

The Legal Responsibilities for Sperm Donors

Sperm donors who donate through HFEA-licensed clinics have no legal or financial responsibility for any child conceived using their sperm, even if they contact you.

If you are considering donating to someone you know, this legal position could be different and you may wish to take legal advice.

To find out more, visit hfea.gov.uk.

Please answer our below questions to assess your suitability to become a sperm donor. Answering yes or no to some of these questions may not necessarily disqualify you, so please be as honest as possible.
Are you able to regularly donate at our London Bridge clinic?
Do you have the legal right to reside in the UK?
Are you currently diagnosed or experiencing any symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease or infection?

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