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What The Shape Of Your Sperm Says About You

Sperm Morphology! That’s an exciting word right? It’s the kind of word that conjures all sorts of wacky interpretations of transforming, self-combining, mighty-morphin’ super sperms! 


DEBUNKING THE MYTH: Can Gay Men Donate Sperm?

With more couples and single women turning to alternative fertility treatments than ever before, donor sperm is in high demand – and there’s never  


How Long Does It Take To Donate Sperm?

For many men in the UK, donating sperm is an attractive prospect. Our donors’ reasons for donating differ from person to person, but  


What Goes On Inside A Sperm Bank?

Discover the inner workings of the London Sperm Bank 


Sperm donor screening at the London Sperm Bank

Recent press reports have raised concerns about a London Sperm Bank leaflet and the suitability of men with dyslexia as sperm donors. The screening of sperm donors is a challenging process regulated by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) and guided by the health of any children bor 


The Myths of Sperm Donation

Bring sperm donation up in conversation and it will almost certainly be met by sniggers... 


Sperm Donor Story: “Putting good Karma out there”

As I quickly reach my target of 100-vials, I thought it would be nice to reflect on my time donating. I initially looked into sperm donating for two reasons,  


Semen Analysis Part 2

One of the most common causes of a poor semen assessment is incomplete or improper collection of the sample. It is important to recognise that because semen quality fluctuates, having one poor semen analysis does not necessarily mean that you have fertility problems.  

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