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Why donate?

There are many reasons to donate sperm

What motivates men to become sperm donors? The reasons are as varied as the men who choose to do it, but what they all have in common is a wish to help people less fortunate than themselves - and provide through their own fertility a true gift of life.

Some men say they recognise a sense of social responsibility in being a sperm donor, some find the idea of passing on their genes important to their self-fulfilment, while others often know someone with fertility problems and know first-hand what a difference they can make. They know that for just a small inconvenience in their everyday lives they can help realise the dreams of so many people.

Greater than the supply

So far the demand for donor sperm from women unable to have a baby has been greater than the supply. But things are changing. And more and more men are coming forward to help. If you wish to join them and make a huge difference to someone’s life, just call us on 0207 563 4305 for further information.

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