From Donor Conception to Donor Anonymity: Why Should I Choose a UK Sperm Donor?

Posted: 22 Jul 2022
Author: London Sperm Bank

In fact, the UK sees thousands of patients every year coming from abroad to benefit from the fertility treatments and treatment regulations found in Britain, that are otherwise not available in their home countries.

There are many reasons why choosing a UK sperm donor is the best option for you. From the UK’s restrictions regarding donor conception to the anonymity regulations binding recipients and donors, below we outline why you would benefit from selecting a donor recruited in the UK.


UK Sperm Donor 1


As Per HFEA Regulations, UK Sperm Donors Are Fully Traceable

As with all donor fertility treatments in the UK, sperm donation treatments are regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), an independent governing body that creates the rules and restrictions regarding sperm and egg donation.

As part of this, UK sperm donors are required by the HFEA to supply their personal information at the time of donating, and to also keep this information up to date any time after the donation process is complete. The purpose of this is to ensure that their information is still relevant should a person conceived of their donation reach an appropriate age where they want to find out more about their donor.

In the UK, donor conception laws mean that once a donor conceived person turns 18 they are able to ask the HFEA for identifiable information about their sperm donor, such as their name, date of birth, and last known address. For donor conceived people, this allows them the opportunity to find out more about their genetic and medical background, an opportunity that isn’t always present in countries abroad.

These donor conception laws are also preferable to donors themselves, whose identities are kept protected from everybody except people conceived from their donation. The UK, therefore, is able to provide an option to donors, recipients, and donor conceived people that helps them feel comfortable about their conception and fertility journeys.


There is a ‘10 Family Rule’ for UK Donations

Perhaps one of the most common reasons why patients will choose a UK sperm donor is because of a law that is commonly known as the ‘10 family rule’.

This restriction means that a maximum of only 10 families are allowed to use the same sperm donor in the UK, although the number of children allowed per family is unrestricted. Because of this, the number of potential genetic siblings is controlled, making it a safer and more comfortable number for all. Many people from countries such as Japan or America, where there are no legally enforced limits on the number of donor children, may find the UK’s donor conception laws more appealing for this reason.

However, it’s important to note that the HFEA estimates that less than 1% of sperm donors will actually go on to help a total of 10 families, and that most UK sperm donors will help a few families with only 2 or 3 children each.

Sperm donors can also choose to further limit this number if they desire. Whilst donors are unable to donate to more than 10 families, they can choose to donate to fewer than 10 families if this is a number they are more comfortable with. As such, the number of potential genetic siblings per UK sperm donor may be smaller than that of a donor overseas.

UK Sperm Donor 2


The UK Does Not Discriminate Against Recipients

The UK has some of the most inclusive policies regarding the use of sperm, egg, and embryo donations across the world, and London Sperm Bank is proud to be one of the first sperm banks in the UK to treat LGBTQ+ patients.

Whereas some countries have restrictions in place that mean only heterosexual couples who are also married, or even married heterosexual couples who fall between a certain age range, are allowed to use a sperm donor to help grow their families, the UK does not. As such, single women and same-sex female couples who are often left at a disadvantage by the laws in their countries, turn to countries such as the UK for their fertility treatment.

As per HFEA regulations, UK sperm donors are allowed to be used by any type of recipient regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. In fact, sperm donors will not be accepted in the UK if they do not consent to their donations helping single women and members of the LGBTQ+ community, and are therefore available to help all.


For single women and couples who are looking to start or grow their families, the UK has become an increasingly more popular option for choosing a sperm donor. UK sperm donors have undergone some of the strictest screening processes across the globe, and as such, have some of the highest quality sperm available.

London Sperm Bank has a diverse range of donors for you to choose from. With a wide variety of ethnicities, backgrounds, interests, and personalities, choosing a UK sperm donor couldn’t be easier. If you’re considering your options and want to find out more about how to choose a sperm donor, get in contact with a friendly member of our matching team by calling 0203 826 3217 or emailing to see how we can help.