How you can lend a hand to someone wanting a child

Posted: 11 Aug 2017
Author: London Sperm Bank

Why do we need sperm donors?

Many women need donor sperm to have a longed-for child. For some women choosing to use a sperm donor is easy as there are no men in their lives, e.g. lesbian couples and single women.  For couples where there is a male factor infertility, it can be a more difficult decision, and they are usually looking for a donor with characteristics that resemble the male partner.

By choosing to donate your sperm, you will be giving them the gift of life. That is something amazing and we need more amazing men to donate their sperm to be able to help all these people have children.

“For us choosing the right sperm donor was important. At the time, a male friend of ours had offered, but we felt it was important that our child had the option of contacting the biological father. Furthermore, as I wouldn’t be biologically linked to Finley as we were using Sarah’s eggs, it was important that we found a donor with similar characteristics to me, so we were looking for someone with green eyes like me and also Sarah’s olive skin.”  Sarah and Jo -  Lesbian couple

“Deciding to do it alone was the best thing I have ever done. I'm so pleased that I decided to take this route and have no regrets. I love being a mum more than I could have imagined.” – Louise, Single mother.

“I can honestly say that The London Sperm Bank made our dreams come true” – Lisa and Kelly, a lesbian couple.

Who are our sperm donors?

Men just like you! Sperm donors come from a range of diverse backgrounds. The thing that unites them all is that they are generously helping others through donating their sperm.  We need a whole range of men with different appearances and from all walks of life to match with our diverse range of recipients.

The reasons that men donate are varied. Some men love being a father and want to give the gift of being a parent to someone else. Some men know that they will never want their children and like the idea of donating rather than wasting their sperm. Others have seen friends or family struggle with infertility or needed to use an egg donor to have a child and are inspired to help people in similar situations.  Whatever your reason for donating you can be sure that your sperm will be gratefully received.

I donated because... ‘people close to me have suffered testicular cancer and become infertile’. Police officer, 34

I donated because... ‘my wife and I have two lovely sons, and we got them very easily. Now we see friends struggling. I like to help’ Business consultant, 36

I donated because...‘my mother was inseminated with donor sperm, and I want to give people the same option if they are in need’ Teacher, 25