Posted: 06 Nov 2016
Author: London Sperm Bank

On Saturday 19th of November, it’s International Men’s Day, a global event dedicated to raising awareness about the many goods and bad issues concerning 21st century men. Established in 1999 and celebrated in over 80 countries the day emphasises the positive aspects of what it means to be male. The core objectives of International Men’s Day are to promote positive role models, to celebrate men’s positive contributions, to focus on men’s health and wellbeing, to highlight discrimination against men, to promote gender equality and finally help foster a safer, better world for everyone.

The London Sperm Bank relies upon the genuine altruism of men who selflessly donate sperm so other people can realise their dreams of parenthood. When a man commits to a program of sperm donation with the LSB, he is making a positive contribution to the life of another person. As existing donors will already know the process requires commitment, tests and periods of abstinence. For many men, the decision to donate is undertaken when they witness someone close to them struggle with the impact of infertility. Whatever the motivating factor might be, each donor is a man that should be celebrated.