Posted: 22 Sep 2011
Author: London Sperm Bank

Red-heads welcomed!


Unlike the Cryo's International sperm bank, here at The London Sperm Bank, we are looking for men from all different walks of life with a variety of different characteristics.  In fact we embrace donors that are individualistic and personally we feel that we quite frankly do not have enough red haired donors- so please do apply.


  • Age 18-45
  • Healthy (free from infectious and hereditary disease)
  • Willing to commit to regular donations
  • Can commute into London, UK for donations

The rest is down to us, during your first visit our friendly scientists will take a look at your sperm just to make sure that they are nice and healthy and of course freezable.  If they are and your blood tests and medical assessments confirm that you are nice and healthy- then you're in!!! Simple as that!

Get in touch with us to start the ball rolling, we are fascinated to find out more about you and any anecdotal stories you might have- we’re all ears! To book your first appointment either drop us an email: or give us a call on 020 7935 9004.