Spotlight on Donor 1451

Posted: 05 Sep 2019
Author: London Sperm Bank

Our sperm donor catalogue is more than just a column of names and profiles. Our staff spends almost the length of a year with each donor, chatting with them when they come in, hearing their life updates and stories and forming a natural friendship throughout the donation process.

Our donors aren’t just profiles, they’re real people who deserve their time to shine.

Today we’re shining a spotlight on Donor 1451 – a donor who currently has a pregnancy slot available.

Donor 1451 describes himself as a ‘hard-worker’, a ‘critical-thinker’ and a ‘leader’. When asked how creative he is, he responded with the rather modest: ‘creative enough to have good problem-solving skills’. That’s one way to look at it!

With no children of his own, this donor’s motivation would appear to be a love of life and a willingness to help others. He has a good relationship with his own family, who he describes as ‘loving’ and says falling in love as ‘the best moment of his life’.

This donor is of French/Jewish ancestry and grew up on the outskirts of Paris with his parents and two sisters. Despite being, as he puts it, a ‘natural introvert’, this donor found lots of ways to break out of his shell. He is highly athletic, with his sport of choice being rugby, which he practiced for 10 years at a national level.

In his ‘Intelligence Category’, this donor puts himself at a 1 (the highest mark) for logical and mathematic thinking and this is definitely echoed in the career he chose to pursue. Currently a Process Chemist, he has hopes to one day become a chemical engineer. Although originally opting for studies in medicine, he diverted his course towards chemistry and has found his calling within the field.

This donor currently juggles writing up his PhD thesis and working full time, he wasn’t kidding when he described himself as a ‘hard-worker’. He thinks of the obstacles that he has encountered as a necessary ‘stepping stone’ for later life, indicating that this donor believes in rising above his troubles towards bigger and better things – this is something he certainly seems to have done in his work.

This highly intelligent donor with a penchant for weight-lifting and contact sports also seems to have a natural affinity for cats. He keeps one cat as a pet and cites cats as his favourite animal. Maybe he appreciates the way they do what they want and act as they feel, which is an honesty that our donor also keeps to.

Apart from jazz music and the movie Snatch, this donor tells us that Hawaii is his favourite holiday destination and his main weakness is his stubbornness – which, it is important to remember, is not a weakness in every situation.

The staff were very touched by this donor’s straightforward and honest nature. He is truly a remarkable young man with great prospects for the future. If you would like to take a closer look at this donor’s profile, please visit him here.

We’d like to take a moment to thank our wonderful donors, as it’s their contribution that makes our catalogue possible and it’s also with their help that we continue to change lives for people across the UK on their journey to pregnancy.