Posted: 03 Jun 2011
Author: London Sperm Bank

Helping someone to have a child is one of the most special and generous gifts to give. Although the press have been talking about Britain’s donor shortage and the lack of altruistic sperm donors, we are grateful for the men that we have had come forward from all different walks of lives armed with different life experiences.

We would like to share with those of you that are thinking of doing something special the reasons some of our donors are donating, in the hope that you will realise that although an uncomfortable subject, people just like you are making that decision and have taken the leap.

Please note that names have been changed to protect the donors’ anonymity.

Alan, a 41-year-old actor, saw the effects of infertility at close hand. “My sister and her husband tried for a long time to have a baby,” Alan recalls. “But when she finally did become pregnant, she miscarried. It was just devastating for everyone. I felt it very deeply - in fact it was the only time in my life I’ve ever written poetry.”

“It certainly made me think about the future and it put things in perspective. Eventually, my sister and her husband were treated at a fertility clinic, and now I have two nieces – the first was born following ICSI nine years ago. So I know what effect childlessness can have. It doesn’t just affect the couple, but ripples out to all the family. I asked myself how I could help; I wanted to help.”

Like many of the donors on our program, Alan has no worries about anonymity. In fact, he says, his only worry was whether his sperm would be suitable, but semen analysis at the start of his programme found his sperm counts and motility high. “The new anonymity laws don’t bother me “he says. “When they’re 18, I’ll be 59. I’ve read that those who search for a biological father will be counselled through the process, so I expect it will be done in a responsible way. The way I see it is that I’ve simply helped someone else to have a baby.”

Here are some of the other reasons our donors made that important decision to join our donor program:

‘…people close to me have suffered testicular cancer and become infertile…’
Police Officer, 34

‘…my partner and I won’t be having kids so I really want to help couples that want them…’
Plumber, 32

‘…many of my friends were having problems conceiving, so I thought about other people out there and decided this was something I could do to help…’
Actor and Air Steward, 40

‘….being able to make a huge difference to those people who cannot have children. A charity donation or giving blood only make a small difference, this lasts a lifetime…’
Recruitment Consultant, 31

What would your reason be?

If you are aged 18-45, healthy and able to make a donation once a week for 3-6 months then we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us via email on or by phone on 020 7935 9004.