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Our Pricing Options

At London Sperm Bank, we are committed to providing high quality samples to our recipients. Our expertly trained Andrologists perform a quality check for every sample donated by our UK-recruited donors, ensuring that the sperm survival rate after freezing meets our rigorous standards. Only those samples which do, will be stored for patient use. All donors on our database with samples to purchase are available and will be dispatched to your clinic as soon as possible after your order is placed.

Samples are purchased based on your treatment type; we do however recommend you discuss the sample quality requirements with your clinic or treatment provider before placing an order with us. The prices below are all inclusive - they cover the cost of the donor sperm, pregnancy slot, delivery, and administration throughout the entire process.

Donor availability is never guaranteed – samples are sold on a first come first serve basis. Even though most procedures only require one sample of sperm, many recipients purchase additional samples in case of failed treatment, or for a sibling pregnancy. Multi-vial purchases are more cost-effective, and can guarantee that you are able to use the same donor in future treatments. Please add the desired number of vials to your basket, and these discounts will be automatically applied at the checkout stage.


  • 6 vials - £6,000
  • 3 vials - £3,375
  • 1 vial - £1,250

ICI (Unwashed - 15+ MOT) 

  • 6 vials - £6,960
  • 3 vials - £3,915
  • 1 vial - £1,450

IUI (Washed - 20+ MOT) 

  • 6 vials - £7,824
  • 3 vials - £4,401
  • 1 vial - £1,630

Options Explained

IVF/ICSI: Available samples from this quality are unwashed, and typically require less motile sperm cells than those of IUI procedures due to the nature of the treatment process in IVF. ICI (Unwashed/unprepared): Available samples from this quality are unprocessed, and as such they would need to be prepared and processed by your treating centre before being used in treatment. The samples can be used in either IUI, IVF, or ICSI treatments. IUI (Washed/prepared): Available samples from this quality have been prepared, and are most commonly used in IUI treatments but can also be used for IVF or ICSI. As these samples have already been processed there is less deviation in the MOT grade post-thaw. Analysing sperm quality, while largely standardised, has a subjective element and this means that both the method used and the count itself can vary between experienced scientists. As a result, a variation of between 20-25% is not uncommon between the advertised motile count and that observed by your treating centre.