The Process

Looking for donor sperm?

We're ready when you are. London Sperm Bank is the largest sperm bank in the UK with donors recruited from a variety of cultures, religions, and sections of the community. 

Searching for your donor is simple. We suggest starting with two or three filters that matter most, then narrowing down your search. If you have any trouble, email our customer care team at and we can help you create a personalised shortlist.

Before ordering your donor sperm you must be registered as a patient at a licensed clinic. 

Choose your donor

Your account will be instantly activated upon successful registration. Once activated, you can place an order with us.

Order your sperm at least two weeks before day one of your treatment cycle. Orders placed after this date may be subject to a late ordering fee, and your clinic may postpone treatment. 

London Sperm Bank will handle all order processing from here. We will work closely with your fertility clinic to review your chosen donor samples and check their suitability for your treatment, and ensure that your clinic is happy to accept this delivery.

Register online

Once logged in, you can search using filters to view donors with your desired traits. You can then select the donor you want to use for your treatment cycle. If you want to ensure you have sperm available for siblings, you may wish to purchase multiple vials from your chosen donor. 

Online checkout is a breeze; select your treatment clinic, enter your billing address, agree to the T&C's and confirm your order! You'll then be taken to a convenient online payment portal. 

Verification & Delivery

You will receive an order confirmation email and we will get in touch with your clinic to verify details and confirm delivery. 

Once we have confirmation from your clinic, we will email you a consent form to complete within five days.

We aim to dispatch orders as soon as possible once we receive your completed consent form and the approval from your clinic.